Integration with Freshmail

Since 2008, we constantly focus on the development of both companies and tools, thanks to which a simple message can become an original email marketing message.

Integration offers the recording of new customers for specific recipient lists, customer records on customer lists defined based on purchased products, and the record of customers who made a purchase with out registration, to the list of recipients.

Free integration

FreshMail is an intuitive and reliable system for sending newsletters and mailings. Rich in optimization tools, extensive reports and functionalities that will allow you to create effective campaigns. Using FreshMail you will save a lot of time and squeeze in more from email marketing.

By using FreshMail you can:

  • Effectively increase the news base of your newsletter
  • Manage recipients
  • Create effective creations of mailings and newsletters
  • Automate your email marketing
  • Test and optimize campaigns
  • Have an insight into detailed reports

    In FreshMail you will find a free template editor FreshMail Designer, thanks to which you can create beautiful mailings or take advantage of 120 ready-to-edit and send, responsive newsletter templates.

    We offer specialized tools in an accessible form with the addition of knowledge packed into guides - start today and create a free account!

Consumers who receive newsletters spend 138% more than those who do not receive them. By integrating your e-shop with FreshMail, you can conduct effective promotion and sales campaigns.

Automatically download e-mails from users to the recipients list in FreshMail.

You can choose your customer types:

  • saved in the newsletter,
  • registered in the shop who made the purchase,
  • registered in the shop who did not make a purchase,
  • they made a purchase with out registration.

    Using knowledge about the behaviors of your clients, create lists based on the actions of recipients in your shop. Then customize the message of your newsletters to your preferences and type.

    Integration is carried out entirely from the Sky-Shop Administrative panel. After logging in, select the path in the main menu: Marketing - & gt; Newsletter - & gt; FreshMail and follow the instructions. You can export addresses automatically or manually. See where to download the FreshMail API key.

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