Get to know your e-business right away. We provide advanced analytics tools such as statistics, abandoned carts, referrals or sales reports.

Statistics of online store

Offerer platform has extensive online store statistics that will allow you to analyze a lot of elements such as: orders, store visits, customers or products.

You can view statistics at any time and in various forms of data presentation.

Minimized cart abandonment

We've made sure to minimize the effect of abandoned shopping carts. Online store's on the Offerer platform achieve an average shopping cart drop rate of only 51%. It's up to 16% better than the average of all online stores in the network where this ratio varies by 67%.

You can also analyze the shoppping cart bump phenomenon thanks to a special module in the administration panel.

Recommending sites

You can also analyze entries through referrals to your online store. You will learn what profit they generated, how many of them were enter or how many accounts were created.

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Sale reports and low inventory levels

Sales reports and low inventory

Sales analysis is very important for planning further steps in e-commerce. We provide the ability to generate sales reports and define the characteristics of these reports, such as: payment statuses or statuses of implementation.

To avoid missing items in the wholesale, we enable the inclusion of notifications about low stock levels of online store products - you can define an alert based on a specified minimum level.

Google Analytics - Advanced analysis

Set up an account in Google Analytics and connect it to the admin panel. From now on you will be able to thoroughly analyze everything that is happening in your online store directly from the Google Analytics panel.

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