Unique, intuitive, efficient - in 3 words you can describe our admin panel.
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We have designed our e-commerce admin panel to be user-friendly and intuitive. This allows the platform to be easy to use and even an inexperienced user can handle it.

Functions are divided into logical sections and groups so you can easily find every function of your online store.

Operating speed

The response time of our panel is only 0.1s - such response time is virtually immediate giving huge comfort of managing the online store

Other ecommerce softwares can be up to 10x slower. 


Innovative Managing Orders System

Our innovative order management system is one on the market. Orders are grouped in tabs with statuses in a series of performance. You can change or add new status names by customizing them to your e-business structure.

Thanks to this, you can massively handle orders and segregate them in a simple way. This increases the work efficiency and transparency of the order management panel.

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Adding and adjusting products

Adding and managing products in your store is extremely simple, you can adjust many parameters and features to the prodcuts.

You can edit product titles, descriptions through the intuitive WYSWIG editor, easily edit and manage photos attached to the product.

You will also associate products with manufacturers and promotions.

VAT invoices and bills

Offerer has a mini accounting system that allows you to issue VAT invoices and bills directly from the store's admin panel.

This function allows configuring the basic features of these documents, such as numbering, payment methods, sending the document by e-mail to the customer etc.

You can integrate with accounting systems like iFirma or Subiekt GT.

Innovative help system

Offerer online store software offers an innovative help system user-friendly. For most functions in the store, the "question marks" are found under which there is detailed help. In case of doubts about the operation of a given function, it is enough to use the help that is in the question mark.

Thanks to this you will find answers to bothering questions quickly and easily.

Help & FAQ

Multistore - one place, many stores

Process orders from multiple stores in one administration panel - order management has never been so easy. You will save a lot of time, and the number of stores will not be a hindrance to sales management.

You can also export products from the main store to your other online stores.

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Administrators and users

You to create accounts for administrators and users and determine which sections are available to various users.

This function will allow managing work smoothly.

Messages from Offerer

In order to be updated with the Offerer platform, the administration panel has a message system in which will inform you about the most important changes, promotions, implementations of new functions or news.

You won't miss a thing!

Personalization of online store

You can personalize your ecommerce admin panel. We allow access to the database of all content in the store and the ability to edit their names and display.

In addition, you can also change the color of the admin panel by customizing it to your preferences.

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