With Offerer you can run digital files and electronic data sale in every format. They can be films, music, audiobooks, PDFs, trainings, programs and many more.

Sell digital files in any formats

With Offerer online store you can sell digital files and electronic content in any file format. You can easily offer PDFs, photos, music, movies, audiobooks, programs, and many others, for example: PDF, MP3, MP4, EPUB, MOBI, WAV.

One file can have a maximum weight of 256 MB which will allow you to virtually freely sell your electronic content.

One product in the store may have many digital files.

If your digital file is larger than 256 MB, you can divide it into several smaller files and add it to the product in the store.

Automatization of sale process

The sale of digital files can be automatic which means when a customer pays for the order the email will be automatically sent to download digital files. Additionally, you can automatically set the order to be marked as sent.

You have the possibility of selling a traditional product with an attachment in the form of a digital file.You will be able to sell digital files with traditional products.

Safety of files and download limit


All digital files that you upload to the store as digital products are repeatedly secured on the server so that they are not downloaded in an unauthorized way.

You can also define the maximum limit of file downloads by one client and time limit to download the link.

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Basic statistics

In the order from the customer, you have the option of previewing basic information about whether the client downloaded digital files.

You'll also be able to analyze digital files sales in general store statistics.

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