For those who need ready-made solutions, we have prepared ready-made online store packages with the necessary services to operate the store.

In selected packages you can find:
Store subscription
Individual Graphic Design Project
Logo design for your online store
Graphics package: Google
AdWords and Facebook
SSL security certificate
Integration with wholesalers
Terms & Conditions for your online store
Training of Offerer software

Package set for your store

Ready tools
and graphics to start
You save 130 €
1199 € 1329 €
More possibilities
for more demanding
saving 250 €
1999 € 2249 €
More additional options
for you
saving 1477 €
2999 € 4476 €
Basic features
Online store subscription Basic package Busniess package Supreme package
Individual Graphic Design Standard project Optimal project Individual project
Logo design 2 options 4 options 5 options
Graphics Fanpage on Facebook Google AdWords and Fanpage on Facebook
SSL security certificate
Integration module with wholesalers Module Micro - 1 wholesale Module Max - up to 170 wholesales Module Max - up to 170 wholesales
Terms & Conditions for your online store Adjusting Terms and Conditions Adjusting Terms and Conditions
Training of Offerer software Yes, webinar 1h Yes, webinar 1h
1) Subscription for an online store and integration with wholesalers are included for the first 12 months. After 12 months, you can extend these services according to the prices on the website.
2) Other services are paid once and are included in the price of each ready package for online store
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Online store subscription

The package includes an online store subscription for a period of 12 months.

The subscription contains all the necessary functions of the store in accordance with the information provided in the price list. Choose a package tailored to your expectations and pay for the features you use.

Individual graphic design project

The unique graphic design of the store attracts attention, arouses trust and encourages the customer to buy.

We will design store according to your needs and expectations that will help you to increase your sales.

Logo of your store

The image of your store largely makes a logo, which should be not only original but above all, visually attractive.

Our graphic designers will prepare for you a logo tailored to the nature of your store and the industry in which you operate. Consistent graphic design of the whole brand will help in building trust among consumers and gaining recognition. 

Promotional graphics for Google and Facebook Ads

We want you to start the promotion of your e-business right away, that's why we will prepare for you a Google Ads graphics package (1 design with 13 sizes of Ads) and an avatar, background, and banner for your fanpage on Facebook.

SSL security certificate

You can not forget about the security of your online store.

We will install an SSL Certificate in your store that ensures transaction security and builds trust among customers. The certificate is required by payment gateways that you will use.



Integration module with wholesalers

So that you can quickly fill your online store with products, you will have access to integration with wholesalers. The function will allow you to efficiently download the entire stock, which will be automatically attached photos and descriptions.

The integration module with wholesalers will keep monitoring warehouse stocks and will update all data of individual models.

Terms and Conditions

The Term & Conditions is a mandatory document for each online store. The included information must not only be lawful but first of all cover the key issues for sellers and their clients.


As part of the adjust T&C for your store, we prepare an individual adjust tailored T&C to the industry in which you operate. 

Training of Offerer software

We want you to start your work of online store in an easy and pleasant way.

That's why we've prepared for you online training in the form of a webinar. Within 1 hour we will show you how to operate the store and provide all necessary information. In addition, you will have the opportunity to dispel the emerging doubts, because we will answer all your questions.

What's more, as part of the subscription fee, you can use the help of customer service in a convenient form for you - via phone or email.

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