Omnichannel - These are different forms and sales channels.
How to reach many customers through the sales channels? You can find answer below!

Online store in many languages

We allow sales in an online store in multiple languages. You can have many languages ​​in your store. The mechanism is intelligent and automatically adjusts the language of the store to the country from which the user enters the store.

Additionally, you can switch languages ​​manually in the top store menu.

Multiple Currencies

Your online store can sell virtually in any currency in the world such as dollars, rubles or jens.

The currency automatically adjusts to the country from which the client logs in, but the user also has the option to change the currency to most disirable.

Comparison Search Engines of prices and opinions

One of the basic channels of reaching the customer and building a positive image of the shop are price comparison and opinion comparison. Offerer has a rich list of integration with comparison engines.

We are integrated with: Google Shopping and Merchant Center, Facebook Advertising, and many more.

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Mobile commerce

Currently, the mobile commerce market develops dynamically. According to data on 2015, the number of mobile device users who use the Internet exceeded 20% . They are potential clients, who should not be forgotten.

Therefore, Offerer provides online shops adapted to mobile devices, thanks to the profits from the shop are diversified to all possible purchase channels.

Collection in person

Offering personal collection of the purchased item positively affects the image of the online shop and provides another channel for the distribution of the item. This is one of the elements of the Omnichannel model.

Customers appreciate this option, especially if the online shop is located nearby.

Our multichannel ecommerce platform enable the sale of products with personal collection and the possibility to specify several pickup points.

Positioning SEO and e-mail marketing

One of basic customer acquisition channels is positioning in search engines to show off to the target customer.

Another such channel is e-mail marketing and sending newsletters to your current customers.

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