Offerer ecommerce software offers two-way integration with eBay.
You can display products on eBay and automatically download orders to the admin panel.

Two-way Integration

The Offerer online shop is integrated with eBay providing full work comfort. You can easily list 'Buy Now' and eBay store auctions, resume or close an auction.

Additionally, all orders and payments from eBay are automatically downloaded to the store's administration panel to the order department section.

Bi-directional Integration with eBay takes place from the store's administration panel. It is much simpler and faster than selling directly on

eBay service automation

eBay service is automated on many levels, this will allow your work to be extremely fast, easy and pleasant, which significantly reduces the costs of servicing the online store and increases the number of handled orders.

Automation includes:

  • Downloading orders
  • Downloading payments
  • Closing the auction
  • Updating inventory in the online store
  • Automatic updating of prices and quantities of the selected product at eBay auctions

These solutions allow you to fully control the current status of your auctions and improve sales.

Bulk managing

We enable massive management of auctions and products. You can massively list your auction with eBay products from the store and it will take you just a few minutes.

You can also bulk:

  • Change auction prices
  • Change quantities at the auction
  • Close auctions
  • List similar auctions
  • Reissue auctions

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eBay auctions templates

We allow adding your own auction templates to your online store. Thanks to this, you can easily display products at auctions with your own template.

We have a special tag system so that selected items such as descriptions or photos will be automatically added to the listing template - you save a lot of time!

Shared preview of the auction will help to correct its appearance before accepting.

At the customer's request, we also prepare eBay auction templates.

Multiple eBay accounts

Integration with eBay allows adding multiple eBay accounts to one online store. With this solution, you can handle all sales from multiple eBay accounts in one administration panel. You will save a lot of time and increase the quality of order processing with eBay.

One database of products from an online store allows you to keep control over the inventory of the entire stock.

Handle sales on eBay with Offerer

Offerer provides comprehensive sales support from eBay.Our proven solutions for managing sales at eBay give you plenty of opportunities.

You will use the eBay Manager that allows you to maintain the efficiency of after-sales services and shipments.

Integration with eBay and sales management has never been so easy!

Pricelist of eBay Delivery Solutions

The integration includes the management of Pricelist of eBay Delivery Solutions.

In the online store, you can add many delivery pricelists and assign them to the selected products. When listing, the delivery price lists will be automatically matched, so you can start selling products immediately.

You can assign them massively to many products simultaneously or individually. It is also possible to assign a delivery pricing while listing the auction, and even add a new one and modify it according to the requirements of the selected product.

Joining orders

Automatic grouping of multiple customer orders into one bulk

Fixed margin

Possibility to set a fixed margin for the auction

Tying categories

You can assign products to the eBay category

List of listed auctions

Preview of all listed auctions

Editing the listing options

Ability to change the quantity and price of products

Imports of auctions as products

You can download the auction as a product to the store

Image not available

When reaching the stock minimum, you can display an image of unavailability

The automatic ending of the auction

You can end an auction below a certain quantity or change the price

Auction thumbnail

You can define a thumbnail of the auction from photos or add a separate one

All auctions

Preview of all listed auctions

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