Our software provides various eCommerce tools to modify and customize your online store. You can also apply changes by interfering with code or WebAPI.

Configuration and personalization - Administration panel

The store's administration panel gives the opportunity to edit every element of the store. You can easily configure the operation of your online store, edit most elements, personalize important details such as SEO settings.

The possibilities are huge!

Integrations - Open WebAPI

The Offerer platform has an open WebAPI so you can make any integration with external systems. Do you need to integrate your ERP system, Marketing Automation or your own CRM or any other system? You can easily integrate it through our WebAPI.

The API is available after adding the "/ API" to the content of domain, for example, domain.com/api

You can find there documentation.

Integrations with wholesalers

If you do not have a warehouse on our list of integrated wholesalers with whom you cooperate or would like to integrate with a new warehouse - that's no problem!

We will do a new integration of your online store with the indicated wholesaler.

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Integrations - New accounting systems and ERP

If you need to integrate with your accounting system or ERP system with which we do not have integration, you can easily use our WebAPI and integrate with your system.

Scripts and appearance - HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes

From the store's administration panel you can add your own HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

There is a special section prepared for this, thanks to which you can easily add scripts, edit or delete them.

Appearance - Store Template Editor

Creating a store look has never been easier! Using our Template Editor in a few moments you will create a unique interface.

Setting out individual modules allows you to quickly and intuitively adapt the store to your own requirements. What's more, changing colors, adding a store logo and banners will not cause you problems! 


Appearance - Access to the FTP server for graphics files

If you want strongly modify the appearance of the store or create your own individual graphics, for this purpose you can access the FTP server for graphics files, ie: HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

You will be able to 100% modify the appearance of your store and adapting it to your needs.

Appearance - Individual graphic designs

A well designed online store is a key to success that's why appearance matters. If you need individual graphic design, we can also prepare and implement for you an individual graphic design with the logo of your store.  Our graphic designers and image specialists will create a project tailored to your needs and vision of the store.



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