MultiStore is a service for many online stores in one admin panel. The function improves the management and updating of the product database.

Module MultiStore

Use the Multishop module to optimize the work of your online shops. We have prepared an optimal subscription plan for the Multishop module offering the ability to connect up to 20 shops online.

* The Multishop module is not an instance of a shop or online shops. The Multishop module allows you to connect to online shops, each of which is a separately purchased shop instance.


Orders from shops in one panel

MultiSklep, or chain of shops (from Multishop) allows servicing orders from many online shops in one Administrative panel.

Thanks to this solution, we can manage all sales from the level of one main online shop with out having to log in to other Administrative panels.

Orders flow from all shops to one main shop. When ordering from other shops from the main shop level, customers get messages only from the shop where they made the purchase and are not aware that their order is handled from another shop's administrative panel.

Stock update between online shops

All your shops will have current inventory status of products so that your offer will be consistent with your storage system.

All you have to do is identify the main shop which is responsible for current inventory or is integrated with the ERP system. The other "satellite" shops can be easily connected to the main shop and from that moment all of your shops will be based on one storage system .

"Satellite" shops are updated on a regular basis including many parameters such as: inventory, photos, descriptions, titles, news, etc.

Updates can be freely configured and, if necessary, disabled in your online shop.

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Export of products to many shops

Multishop enables you to export the product database to many of your shops. Thanks to this solution you can run many online shops with the same assortment as well as with quite different preservation of current inventory.

Exporter support allows advanced export configuration with many attributes from products to the rules of margins and shipment rules.

One warehouse -many shops

Your main shop can be integrated with an ERP system for example: Subiekt GT, it is responsible for current inventory and other your online shops can connect to the main shop and update your offer on the Multi-shop network on an ongoing basis.

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