plan period
The first minimum payment is for 3 months
Pay in advance and save 5%
Pay in advance and save 20% and get 1 month for free *

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Basic tools for the first steps in e-commerce

69 zł
month / net


Starting and standard

99 zł
month / net


Dynamically developing e-stores

299 zł
month / net
Plan details
Number of products 100 15 000 75 000 125 000
Commission on the sale
Number of administrators 1 3 10 20
Make free integration
Kup na Ceneo - Integracja dwukierunkowa
Mobile App - (New)
Email accounts 1 2 3 4
Numbere of languages and currencies Only English and EUR Only English and EUR 3 6
Newsletter - moduł wysyłki mailingu
Free technical support Helpline, e-mail Helpline, e-mail Helpline, e-mail Helpline, e-mail
Server for store and domain
RWD store template
Free store migration
External integrations
GDPR compliant
SpeedCache and HTTP / 2 protocol - Fast store operation
Product of the day
Loyalty programm
Discount Groups
Monitoring of abandoned baskets
Sales Reports
Kanały sprzedaży
* 1 month gratis receives a shop which will be paid up to 7 days from its establishment
** The first payment possible for a minimum quarter

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The given prices are net prices, to which VAT should be added

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No. Registration, setting up a test shop does not oblige you to anything. However, when the test period expires and the customer decides not to pay, we can remove the test shop without retaining its copy.

We do not charge any hidden commissions.

No. Payment is charged in advance for a specified period (1, 3, 12 or 24 Months).
After this period, the customer decides whether he will pay for the next period or not.

There are no hidden fees in the shop plan. We charge additional fees only for additional services and special orders, for example creating additional shop functionality.

No. After the end of the test period, the shop was switched to the subscription mode, keeping all entered data: settings, products, orders, etc.

Yes, it can be done by ordering us or another company.

 HERE is a price list of graphic designs.

The e-mail box is set up on our server automatically with the shop, in the domain of the customer. The mailbox can be used by our WebMail < / span> or using an e-mail program running on a computer or connecting it to an already existing other e-mail address, for example in the Gmail webmail.

To set up an e-mail box, please send a request to create a mailbox to our e-mail address. We only place mailboxes for shops with a paid subscription.

How to configure the mailbox?

 We issue VAT invoices for all purchased services at the when you pay for the order.

Yes, you can change the shop plan during its lifetime but only for a higher package. In this situation, the difference between the additional packages for the remaining subscription period is calculated. Changing the shop plan to a lower one is possible after the subscription period of the current package has been completed.

At any time you can increase the limit of the number of products in the shop by buying the product limit you are interested in through the ordering panel in the customer's account.

Reducing the number of products is possible when extending the subscription period of the shop.


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experience in e-commerce


available functions

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stability of the software

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