Wholesale B2B - this is another important step in every business. Start selling in bulk, use unique solutions from B2B by Offerer.


An important element in the operation of each warehouse is its availability to customers. With Offerer you can choose 3 models of warehouse availability:

  • wholesale open - the customer can enter the warehouse and see products and their prices
  • wholesale half-open - the customer can enter and see products but their prices can only be seen after registration
  • wholesale closed - This is where you need to log in first or register on the Welcome page to access the site.
  • Restricted access - You can limit access to the warehouse only for customers who are registered and have previously approved their account.
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Prices net and gross

In your online store you can define how prices are displayed. You can display:

  • Price display: available or after logging in
  • Showing only gross prices
  • Net only price display
  • Display of net and gross prices

Sharing an offer - XML file

One of the important elements of each wholesale is the ability to share your offer for wholesale customers.

With Offerer you have the option to share your offer using an XML file, CSV, Excel. Each customer receives an individual XML file with a key assigned so that the customer can make discounts in the XML file.

The XML file is available all the time on the server so that the customer can keep the current offer of the wholesale all the time.

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Advanced discount groups

The platform offers the ability to create advanced rebate groups for customers and products.

You can create several rebate groups where you can place your clients, and rebate groups can be assigned to products. Thanks to this, you can discount products in two ways:

Price thresholds :

  • For Group A, the XYZ product may have a price of X1
  • For Group B, the XYZ product may have an X2 price

    The price can be assigned individually for each product, and for each rebate group.

    Percent thresholds:

    • You can set rebates for rebate groups based on the discount percentage for product groups.
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Dedicated virtualized server - Cloud

Stable, efficient and smooth operation of the warehouse is necessary for large-scale sales. To increase your work comfort and ensure the highest quality of customer service, your warehouse will be located on a specially prepared Enterprise Class Server.

Modern infrastructure ensures the reliability of operation even with very high loads.

Additional stability is guaranteed by Cloud technology, which supports the store from several independent servers.

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Promoting wholesale on the Offerer platform

We offer a unique form of promotion for wholesalers among Offerer customers. As part of the promotion package, wholesale receives:

  • Integration of wholesales with the Offerer platform thanks to which thousands of store's gain direct access to wholesales
  • wholesale will be placed on the integrated wholesale list in the store's administration panel
  • The individual wholesale card in the integration section on the Offerer website
  • Information about integration with the wholesale in store messages
  • Marketing information on the blog and facebook
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Technical support

As part of your paid plan, we offer free technical support available on our helpline and at our email address during working hours.

Additionally, we have a 24/7 emergency service line.

Set up an online wholesale

Retail and wholesale customers service

In your wholesale you will have the opportunity to simultaneously serve retail and wholesale customers.

You can use rebate groups and grant special wholesale discounts only to selected customers. As a result, these customers will see wholesale prices. Other customers will see retail prices.

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