People buy with their eyes – Only the beautiful online store has
a chance to break through grey competition.

Pre-designed online store template in RWD version

One of the most important elements of the online shop is its responsive graphics. We provide ready pre-designed shop templates in responsive version i.e. such which adapt to mobile devices.

You can customize the look of your online shop precisely to your idea. Practically each element of the shop can be enabled/disabled, moved, changed color, etc. Such a solution gives you freedom in configuration of your e-shop.

Store Template Creator

Creating the look of your shop never was so simple! with our shop Template Creator with in a few minutes you will build the online shop from prepared modules arranging them as blocks. In a trivial way you will adjust the effect of modules, add the logo and banners, as well as you will change colors of the shop.

Thanks to that in a simple way you will create individual look of your online shop!

Individual store graphics

Do you need an individual store graphics?

At the request of Client we prepare an individual graphical project and we implement it to the online store. You can be sure that graphics in the store will be adapted to mobile devices (RWD version) and optimized in terms of usefulness and high conversion.

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Optimization of purchase process – Customer’s Basket

Purchase process in Offerer is unusually easy and pleasant. The cart was divided into 3 logical steps, thanks to which the Client have to fill out only necessary data and information to process the order, which minimizes the phenomenon of left carts.

Thanks to this solution, we increase a chance of the Client’s return to the shop.

Product presentation

Product card was designed in such a way to provide cohesive and legible information for the Client. Thanks to that you can count on high conversion from the product card.

In addition, you can decide what information is supposed to appear on it. You will place everything in a simple way in the administrative panel.

Mobile commerce

Currently the mobile commerce market develops dynamically. According to data on 2015, the number of mobile device users who use the Internet exceeded 20% . They are potential clients, who should not be forgotten.

Therefore, Offerer provides online shops adapted to mobile devices, thanks to the profits from the store are diversified to all possible purchase channels.

Sell ​​in any unit of measurement

You can sell products in any measurement unit . Sell ​​product for pallets, square meters, liters, etc.

Additionally, you can specify the ratio of 1pcs of goods to a unit of measurement, e.g.: 1p = 1.43m2 or 1pc = 2.5L etc. It is possible to set the division of pieces, ie how many parts of the art the customer can buy, for example: 0.5, 0.1 pcs, etc.

Maximum performance in Google Speed Insight

The design of the Offerer online store in the Google Speed Insight tool achieves very high scores of performance, speed and convenience of users reaching up to 91/100 points.

We care about it to make your online store as efficient as possible and are aware of the importance of user-friendly experience. That is why we make sure that your online store is created in accordance with the latest User Experience standards and has a high level of performance.

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