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From A to Z - perfect platform!

I am absolutely delighted with the admin panel of the store on the Offerer.com platform - it is transparent, clear, user-friendly and does not require complicated knowledge of programming tools.

All options are perfectly described in the HELP section and the technical department of offerer.com helps at any moment and explains more complex processes - a big plus.

The panel for graphics processing of the store is trivial, and at the same time it is multi-functional and you do not need special abilities to make the store's layout a pleasant one for customers.

From A to Z - the perfect platform! The prices are adequate to the functionalities contained in a given package. You can see the team's commitment not to be left behind by the competition :)

Very good Integration with allegro

The Offerer Software can be recommended with a clear conscience, in our opinion the greatest advantages are the very high transparency and intuitiveness at work, numerous features that allow you to create a very aesthetic, professional and functional e-shop with out the need for IT staff.

A very good plus is definitely very good Integration with Allegro (very convenient listing). In our opinion, people working at Offerer have a very positive influence on our opinion, because when it comes to contact and technical support, they always help, which is really very valuable in the online sales industry.

We recommend this software 100%.

Compared to the competition, Offerer makes an amazing impression.

The Offerer platform impresses from the very first look to the administration panel.Compared to the competition Offerer makes an amazing impression in terms of the functionality of the administration panel and the intuitiveness of its service.

The great advantage of the platform is very easy to modify the appearance of the store by editing in real mode, which is a great asset for stores that initially do not want to allocate a large budget for the website layout, and this feature can get a great store look.

However, the biggest advantage of the platform is a very attractive subscription packages.

A reliable platform and people who care about the functioning of the store.

Offerer software allows you to realize your own store without the knowledge of IT, so we save financially, platform developers have made every effort to ensure that the customer was completely satisfied with the choice.

Using other platforms, I can confidently say that the Offerer is most developed, has more transparency, gives understandable hints when creating a shop along with the graphic design.
You can count on technical help on non-working days or even on holidays! There are also no questions without answers to all questions and advice.

I highly recommend the Offerer to all interested people who value their time and approach to the customer.

Integration with wholesalers is very efficient, fast and accurate

The Offerer software is very extensive already in the standard. Our answers were answered very quickly and accurately to all our questions.

Integration with wholesalers is very efficient, fast and accurate. The owners are also very open to new suggestions as to the functions of the platform-which was very important to us. In general, we plannsoon transfer our other stores from other platforms to Offerer.

We can easily recommend this software to anyone who wants to set up an online store.

High quality for an affordable price

Extremely intuitive and easy to use software with wide possibilities. It's a huge art to do something in a simple way, and at the same time give you wide possibilities.

In my opinion, none of the available solutions can compete with the Offerer. It is also a valuable technical service which almost immediately reacts to emerging problems and remarks of the client.

I truly recommend the Offerer service.

Excellent customer support

I just want to say that you are one of a few companies, that know what it is a good customer approach. Other companies treat customer very badly, I am very pleased with your technical support.

Seamlessly and in a friendly atmosphere

While launching an online store, I was looking for an intuitive platform to run it a company that will take up the service at the IT level and will take care of server maintenance, SSL certificate installation, integration of my store with wholesalers, etc. And all this is in the subscription price.
The Offerer software fell into my hands as one of the first and after the initial tests I was almost convinced of it, but I decided to get an idea of what others offer. However, it did not take long, because by testing other platforms, I subconsciously invented arguments why the Offerer platform is the best for me. That's why I quickly came back to the Offerer software and I do not regret this decision.

The Offerer store software meets my requirements, offers many complex functions, and at the same time is friendly and intuitive. The platform particularly captivated me with his transparency and the multitude of functions of the administration panel, especially it's analysis and statistics capabilities. And analysis is my thing! A great convenience is the ability to automate the update of the store with data from the wholesale and automatic marginalization of new products and their placement in the store in the "News" tab.

The built-in graphic design has a lot of editing possibilities and what's important, especially at the beginning of the store's operation, allows you to save at least a few hundred euros for making individual shop decorations through graphics.

However, what is most important is contact with people from Offerer.The first, over half an hour long telephone conversation gave me the answer to many bothering me questions. And professional, very fast and detailed help in creating links between the store category and the warehouse, at the domain configuration and when installing the SSL certificate - this is undoubtedly a huge advantage.
To sum up, I recommend the Offerer platform to all who want to run their online store in a smooth and friendly atmosphere.

Highly effective SEO department.

I came across the Offerer platform by accident, testing various stores and looking for one that I can handle. I am not a person familiar with technical matters, so the ease and legibility of the administration panel was a priority for me. And here I was pleasantly surprised because without problems I managed to integrate with wholesalers, payment systems, etc. as well as setting up the main shop page. But above all on this platform, I was surprised by people working in the SEO and technical department.

Using the services of the SEO department I can recommend with a clear conscience for professional, honest and above all effective and quick results of the positioning of the store, and for very valuable advice and selfless help in running my first store. Thanks to them, I have created a beautiful and functional store that I am proud of.

Offerer makes possible to start your e-business

Cooperation with Offerer has enabled me to get the most out of online sales in my pet store.

The integrations with wholesalers they offer and the multitude of various functions that make life very easy:)

I have never been disappointed when I needed quick help or advice. The Offerer platform certainly offers more than the competition. I highly recommend :)


I highly recommend Offerer

The Offerer online store software leaves the competition far behind in terms of the quality of services and th possibilities offered by the system. Various options go hand with hand with a very simple interface, thanks to which even less advanced users should not have a problem with navigating the platform.


The second very important thing is undoubtedly technical assistance, here you do not have to wait for weeks for an answer like in most other companies.Offerer team take care of the clients and do not leave them after the contract is signed.

I highly recommend this software, our rating is 9/10.

Do you have any questions? call: + 44 752 066 5040 Email: info@offerer.com

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