The product card is one of the most important elements of the online store, based on this customer makes a decision to purchase - Check more info about product card!

Period promotion

Use periodic promotion to increase sales. You can set a periodic promotion for a given product so that the product will be in the promotion for a specified period of time. This motivates the customer to buy faster.

The promotion information is displayed on the product card and next to the product in the product list.

Product colors

Present product in an attractive way by displaying the right colors.

You can also, instead of displaying a color, upload your file with graphics that you want to display under the color section, you can also present unusual textures or textiles etc.

Product size

You can display product sizes. This option increases the readability of the product card and makes it easier to choose the appropriate product parameter.

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Additional photo

You can preview the product image on the main page. When a client moves the cursor to the product photo, you will have the possibility to chose the option:

  • No effect 
  • Display the second photo
  • Display available sizes and colors

Product card and User Experience

Product card has been designed so that all displayed informations are consistent and legible for the customer. This function will increase level of conversion.

Additionally, you can decide what information should be displayed on product card. You can easily set everything in the admin panel.


Sell ​​in any unit of measurement

You can sell products in any measurement unit . Sell ​​product in pallets, square meters, liters, etc.

Additionally, you can specify the ratio of 1pcs of goods to a unit of measurement, e.g.: 1p = 1.43m2 or 1pc = 2.5L etc. It is possible to set the division of pieces, ie how many parts of the art the customer can buy, for example: 0.5, 0.1 pcs, etc.

Cross-Selling - Sell extra products and get more profit!

Sell pothrough Cross-selling or cross-selling! You can display a cross-selling pothrough product to a potential customer on a product card or other shop location. You can view products of the type:

  • Related products or accessories
  • Products that other customers bought
  • Products that the customer last viewed

Extra information and leave a phone

On the product card, you can display the message / information you are sending to customers. It will appear on all products.

Additionally, we have the option "leave the phone" - thanks to this the customer can leave the phone on the product card for contact - e-mail is sent to the shop with the phone number and a link to the product from whose customer has sent a phone number.

Product parameters

If the product has parameters, the product tab displays a table with its parameters. If you exceed a certain amount of product parameters, you can set in the shop to move the table to the product description .

Thanks to this solution, if the product has several / several dozen parameters, it does not clutter the product information space, only the table is transferred to the description.

Product gallery

The product page displays the product gallery and the next three photos. The customer can also enter the gallery and view photos on the entire screen which reinforces the product presentation and allows the customer to read the assortment sold precisely.

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