The Offerer platform offers many tools for advertising your e-store 
from e-mail marketing to SMS notifications.

Newsletter and pop-up window

We provide advanced mailing of newsletters to your customers. Increase your marketing power by adding selected products by the unique mechanism to your newsletter.

Additionally, you can activate a Pop-Up window. This function will allow potential customers to sign up to your newsletter right after entering your website.

SEO and friendly URL to addresses

You can optimize the store in basic SEO settings such as: page title, page description, keywords, site map and set 301 redirects - and define your own links.

The store automatically grants friendly links (URLs) for all subpages and products. Thanks to this solution, the links are optimized and more visible in the search engines.

Run Blog with Offerer - Develop Content Marketing

We offer the ability to run a simple blog. Running a blog is an effective method for promoting your store and gaining new customers. Articles posted on the blog have a positive effect on strengthening the SEO and the general position of your store in the search engine.

By running a blog, you build your brand image in among your potential customers.

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SMS notifications

Use modern forms of communication with the client. Using integration with SMS gateways you can send information to customers about the implementation of the order. This is a very practical solution and very much appreciated by consumers that positively affects the image of your online store.

You can also receive information about a new order directly to your mobile device.

Discount groups and codes

You can configure rebate groups in many ways, including producers and categories. Our software gives possibibility to create multiple rebate groups and ways to subscribe to a rebate group.

We also have discount codes . You can generate date and time of codes, the number of available codes to use and its value in a given amount.

Special offers and sales

Sell products for discount prices and in sales campaigns. You can enable periodic promotion for a given product by lowering its price. The discount of the product will be shown on the product card as well as the remaining time of available promotion.

You can also promote products as bestsellers, news, sales or promotions.

Free Shipping and time and cost of shipping

Offer your customers free shipment depending on the amount of the order. The cost of shipment is one of the first factors affecting the purchase.

The product card displays available shipment costs and optionally the delivery time defined by the store.

Store optimized for search engines

The store structure and code has been designed in a user-friendly way for search engines. Thanks to this, the content of the online store is very well indexed.

Additionally, the Offerer online store automatically generates a page map for Google, maximizing the visibility of the e-store in search engines.

It is also worth paying attention to very good indexing of photo gallery.

Dynamic Remarketing Google

Dynamic remarketing means displaying Ads with products tailored to the website's users.

Start showing personalized Ads by integrating the online store with dynamic Google Remarketing.

Integration with Freshmail - Effective e-mail marketing

Freshmail is a modern e-mail marketing system offering rich functionalities. This service will allow you to bring your advertising campaign to a higher level.

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Affiliate networks

Affiliate networks are a great channel to promote and sell in highly effective way.

We have several well-known affiliate networks.

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Free gifts & offers

With Offerer you can easily define free products that can be added to purchased goods.

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