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How to configure fastPayments PayU?

In order to start PayU payment, one should first register an account and add a shop on the website, and then click on add payment point:

Adding a new payment point

For the proper operation of integration in the Sky-shop it is necessary to select the option " Classic API ", encoding UTF-8 and provide the required addresses in the format:

  • Return address - error: [shop address] / index / payerr /% error% / tid /% transId%
  • Return address - correctly: [shop address] / index / payok ​​/ 1
  • Report address: [shop address] / orders / paystatus

    In the case of shops operating in the sky-shop technical domain (not recommended), the address of the shop is http: // , after connecting the domain, entries in PayU need to be changed to < strong> your domain address . For SSL-secured shops, we recommend entering addresses with the prefix https: // .

    Configure PayU payment point

    After completing the registration process, the following items should be found in the PayU transaction panel:

    • ID - Payment point ID (pos_id)
    • A key - Payment authorization key (pos_auth_key)
    • Key B - Key (MD5) - ATTENTION here is often a mistake. This is supposed to be KEY (MD5), not SECOND KEY (MD5)

      The next step is the configuration of payments on the shop's side. In the Orders tab - & gt; Payments and installment systems - & gt; PayU should be filled in with the selected data:

      Settings on the shop side

      The indicated fields should be filled in with information from PayU according to the scheme

      • (1) ID - Payment point id ( pos_id )
      • (2) Key A - Payment authorization key ( pos_auth_key )
      • (3) Key B - Key ( MD5 ) - ATTENTION here is often a mistake.

        Key configuration scheme < / p>

        Once the configuration is correct, in your shop, after refreshing the shop page, the PayU payment option will appear during the order processing.

        IMPORTANT: If the payment is not displayed in spite of marking the "Activity" field on YES, it means that the configuration is incorrect and you must verify again that all data at every stage of setting have been correctly entered .

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