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Payment Methods and Shipping -badly selected tariffs for wieght or prices

In the event of an incorrectly set weight limit, a message may appear on the shop's side:

"Error message" Only the personal pickup is available, you can try to choose a different payment method so that you can choose another form of delivery. "

This means that probably in the shop, in the delivery tariffs for delivery forms: weight limits or price ranges are set in such a way that the ranges of scales or price ranges in which some products in the shop are omitted are omitted. For example

Explanation: (1) - form of delivery, (2) - delivery tariff

In the shop there is a delivery form "XYZ" and in the delivery tariffs there is a defined weight range from 100kg to 999kg. However, the shop has products that have a weight below 100kg and when you try to execute an order with such a product will appear an error due to the impossibility to assign one type of delivery because the product does not meet any criteria for delivery tariff set by the delivery form.

Therefore, it should be remembered that when setting the weight range or price range for all available forms of delivery, do not skip a range in which products may appear which are available in the shop.

Example 1:

In this example, you have set up shipping rates based on the price of the product and its weight. However, the range from 1 to 49kg and the order value below PLN 550

have been omitted

In this situation, the product or order that will have a weight less than 49 kg or less than 550 PLN can not be realized.

Example 2:

In this example, an additional tariff has been added to fill the gap, ie: the price range from 1 PLN to 549 PLN and the weight range from 1 kg to 49 kg. In this situation, if we have products for which in the example 1 the order could not be realized, in example 2 it can be implemented because there is a suitable tarfya covering the product eg. Product in the price of PLN 200 and weight 30kg.

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